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Following are some tips to get you more Instagram Followers, which might be helpful Tell your story: Curiosity is the crux of any social media platform. So, try to capitalize on it with your story. Your followers are eager to find out what your story is. Videos act like magnets, telling your audience what you're working on pressingly and what is happening in your life right now. Instagram story is where is at is where the money is because you can monetize any Instagram account with Instagram stories very effectively, even with a small following. An excellent idea for storytelling will be converting a narrative blog or image or product or video into short posts or stories that will be shared on Instagram. However, remember the stories don't stay longer than 24 for hours. So, you can share any story that you want the next day without having to worry too much to be perfect or being crippled down by quote-unquote perfectionism.

Makes sure you theme it up: Indeed, an exciting photo can easily captivate the imagination of your audience while telling your story. However, you don't have to stop at that. Try to experiment by using multiple images for creating a bigger picture. On the other hand, you can also use some of the most amazing filters available for enhancing your photos. Observing and doing the market research on the influencers and different brands on Instagram that are crushing it, you will find out that almost all of them incorporate a unique style or theme of their own. This strategy helps them see brands and separate themselves from the rest. If you were planning to get creative on Instagram, consider using some entertaining style, and then using inspiration. For example, it is available on Pinterest and different blogs. Again, it all comes out to the market research and making sure that you're merely modeling success and not reinventing the wheel.

Make your presence known: The first thing you need to add is a profile bio of yourself. There is no way you can be wrong at this; leaving the profile bio completely blank is not an option. So, make sure that you put up some official but precise bio that lets your users know who you are, what you do, what you're passionate about, and, most importantly, what is in it for them. Meaning, why should people follow you in the first place, what results do you get for people. So, make sure that you simply tell people who you are, what you do, all that good stuff, but most importantly, what do you do, and what results are in it for them. People do not care about you, and people care about themselves. You are reading this article because you want to grow your following to five thousand followers in the first seven days. You're caring about yourself. Now people care about themselves. Give people what they want and tell them the result they are going to get by merely following your account.

Choose and post content that is high quality and relevancy to your followers: Now, that you have created your profile. You would immediately want to begin adding pictures as well as sharing videos on your profile. But first, think about these two aspects, relevancy and quality. In case you aim to promote all your content and block directly towards a target audience. You need to begin by listing out the various types that you can come up with, which are related to the industry that you are promoting. Not only do you need to maintain that content you share aligns with your only business or blog, but you have to ensure that you are sharing only top quality content. To do this, you can use fascinating pictures or intriguing light effects. The filters and your pictures you post or reshare content that is already proven to go viral by merely crediting the original creator or even explore and use text overlays. The bottom line is to get creative with the photos and pictures and videos that you want to post. And, here you do not need to create your original content yourself. Especially if you are a little bit introvert, you want to be behind the scenes, and you want to just simply have a big following and have an online business that runs with you behind the scenes. Simply, do the market research and know what content is working what content is proven to go viral. Just go on Instagram and search, for example, Fitness. See the top fitness influencers, see the top fitness pages and see what content is being shared in that niche that is going viral right now. Simply take the content and share it yourself. If it works for them, it will work for you. Just give it a little twist and angle caption description. That way is a little bit more personal to you and, of course, always credit the original creator, and you will be good to go.

Share what happens behind the scenes, be personal: An excellent way to initiate and develop a unique genuine relationship is by simply being transparent. You can do this by sharing a few behind-the-scenes things with the audience. For example, a post for an Instagram story about yourself engaged with you, writing new creative content, or maybe what you do behind the scenes for your business or give me some free tips on XYZ. A picture of your office or even you recording your new brand video, if you have a music band. As you become transparent with your audience by sharing these behind the scenes, it is essential to make sure that you create an element of trust, which is key to grow your following and not only that but that you monetize your audience effectively.

Make the most out of every single second on Instagram, especially on your videos: The fact is that images before used to generate 36% more engagement compared to videos, but right now, that is not the case. Videos are taking humungous relevancy on Instagram, notably Instagram TV. Make sure that every single second of that video counts. Your video is engaging that you are talking to your audience in a way that they want to, and then again, you're merely modeling success by seeing what other people are doing in your industry and niche. For example, promote your new product, introduces your brand, show behind the scenes, and what happens behind the scenes in your office. All again, towards an end goal to attract your audience and build that trust with them, that, in turn, will help you create a more loyal following and help you monetize your Instagram account easier and better.

Take screenshots of offers: For example, your blogs, your landing pages, your website, or your products and offers. One of the best ways to share the most recent product, blog, or website with your followers on Instagram. So that you're able to drive a lot of traffic towards it's it by only taking a screenshot or a screen image of what you have created simply by using your smartphone. Then edit the image to perfection as you want to post it and simply design it in an engaging way. It is a straightforward and easy way to drive more traffic to your offer website and products. And of course, it's also an effortless way that you can start building engage following and growing your following that way.

Make sure that you give your followers a teaser: A little behind scenes of what's upcoming next. If what you're working on is something refreshing and new, then you should think of letting your followers know what's coming up next. Whether you're getting ready for a new product, launch a new upcoming incentive, offer a new ebook. Letting your audience know and what you're working on can work wonders for you. An exciting idea for this is to start building hype and excitement around your new thing is by only going to be on Instagram. I know it's a gem. Stories by teasing your followers with it tell them that something grand is coming up. Prepare a customized banner or poster or take a picture use videos and use some fantastic text overlay. Maybe even make a teaser kind of video for it all this will result in increased curiosity among your followers, which will eventually promote more of your content, and more of your products will help you get more sales.

Make sure you start liking and following other people and influencers in your niche: While posting likable and engaging content can be useful in helping you get noticed. You can also try to comment actively and like content from other people and influencers in the same niche that you are in. Because it tells the Instagram algorithm that you are in similar ninjas in both pages, and profiles are going to start being suggested to both followers and audiences. Make sure that you only follow people that you want to follow that in your niche, not just some random people. So if you're in the fitness niche, you probably only want to support people in the fitness space. Now, people that post cap pictures whatever because those two niches have nothing to do with each other don't know who to search of who to follow to engage with. Your search on Instagram, your hashtag, or your niche, you'll find hundreds and hundreds of accounts and influencers in that space. And it's also a great way to start putting your foot forward to then collaborate with those people. It also gives you a right perspective on the market research part, which will, in turn, help you dominate Instagram easier because you can just see what content is working and simply model it again.

Make sure you maintain consistency: Doing something today tomorrow or for a week is not enough. You have to be consistent with it. Nothing great was built overnight. It took consistency, showing up day after day and putting in the work, you have to be consistent on Instagram. Not only your audience is going to reward you for showing up consistently and providing value to them but also the Instagram algorithm on Instagram too. Because they will see you're showing up every single day to the platform and your providing value to your audience, which keeps the audience engaged, and ultimately, that is what Instagram wants. It is pointless if you start thoroughly motivating sharing your posts regularly and then gradually come down to posting only once every single week. For you to get free IG followers in the next seven days, you need to make sure you are consistent with it. It's probably not gonna come overnight. Let's say you start implementing everything here; you have a few marketing dollars to spend to get everything quicker and faster exponentially. A combination of great content and consistency is crucial to getting more engagement and more views this, in turn, will result in more followers as well as more visits to your profile and Instagram. Every single Instagram influencers posting frequently can effectively increase engagement and their following. You can start using a planner or creating a Content calendar to make sure that you're posting every single day consistently. You do not miss posting a single date, and this is very, very simple. I hope these tips are enough to implement and get free IG followers.

Deliver Value: This is probably something that's very trivial for most people, but most people don't do it. Deliver more value, focus on giving more. Yes, sharing videos photos and behind the scenes is essential, but you need to ensure that you are delivering the maximum amount of value through your Instagram content. Add the value that people want to see and engage with. Directly promoting your content will not be enough. Make sure that you over-deliver to your audience. It doesn't mean that you have to teach something, or whatever you are committing or a musician; your value is your music or your jokes. If you're in the fitness space and you're telling people all fitness tips. You are in marketing, and you want to get more clients for your own is the marketing agency. You need to be able to provide value showing giving tips here and there and then attracting people like that deliver more value the more you give, the more you will receive.

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